BedPage review: Why you shouldn’t bother with

buying sexual services 


If you ever tried to buy sexual services before, my guess is that you already know that there is a website called Bedpage for that.

It tries to reproduce what Backpage was, copying a part of its title as well. 

That is why its name may sound familiar to you. 

However, in this article, I’m going to do a Bedpage review, in order to demonstrate to you why it isn’t a very good option in case you want a hookup.

First impression

​​The first time you will enter, you will be a little surprised by the design right away. Yes, a website should never be too complicated when talking about visuals, but such a simple design will surely disappoint you.

It is a white background with some links for selecting the region where you want to search for ads. 

They maybe thought that the website will be used by older people as well, so a simple layout would be perfect. Still, it could have been much better.

The pages are very poorly structured. With so many regions displayed, your hand will get tired because of so much scrolling. This could have been solved in minutes by adding some dropdown menus.  

Also, you will have to do this action every time you enter the website. 

Moreover, there are a lot of blank spaces which should not be there. It really looks like the website was created by children in a few minutes.

There is a big box at the end of each page that is promoting the Bedpage website, which takes too much space. It is very annoying to see that every time, they could’ve created a separated link to that.


Despite of its name, Bedpage has a big variety of categories which you can browse, including things like: automotive, local places or even jobs.

You can search for ads from anywhere around the globe on Bedpage including Chicago, Brooklyn, Atlanta, San Diego, Los Angeles etc.

However, the most important feature of this website is of course, the sex ads. You have a variety of options. Because you will pay for sex, women will be more open minded, depending on the price.

If you aren’t in the mood for sex and just want to relax, you can even find massage ads here.

On the most visited category, the dating section, you will find things like: cam girls, casual dating, ads for straight people, ads for gay people and also men and women that are willing to have phone and cybersex.

Although it may not seem like it, the website actually has a safety policy, which means that there are some things that no user should post or encourage.

You cannot post threatening, forcing, abusive or racialism content. The child pornography, bestiality, bondage and incest are also forbidden.

These are the most important ones, but there are many more. Every ad has a report button, which will notify the people that take care of those illegal posts, immediately banning the author.

Another feature of Bedpage is the “View similar ads” button. Once clicked, the website will redirect you to ads that are almost identical to the current one.

You can create an account for free, Bedpage allowing you to login using google. This way, you will be able to post an ad.


I think that one of the most annoying and dangerous disadvantages of Bedpage are the fake profiles. It took me just 1 minute to find 3 fake profiles.

Women seem to use pornstars photos to catfish men quite frequently. You never know who will show up at the date, so you must be very careful.

The security team can’t ban every fake user right away, so you might end up meeting some. Just make sure you verify the users before you establish any meetings.

The second most annoying flaw on Bedpage is the empty categories. I find 99% of the categories on the website pretty much useless, as they are empty with no ads posted in there.

They are disorganized as well, meaning that you will find sex ads into random categories like jobs or houses. In my opinion, administrators should remove most of them as they are just a waste of time.

Also, about 80 percent of the users are from USA and about 8 percent from Canada, which means that the rest of the regions will have little to no ads, so you shouldn’t bother with this website if you don’t live there.

As I’ve mentioned earlier, the design and structure of the pages can really be visual disturbing for some pretentious people. This may not necessarily affect you and because of the simple design, the website’s loading speed is pretty good.


The good news is that you can post an ad on Bedpage for free. However, this is pretty much a useless feature. The site obligates you to pay 2 dollars in order for the post to go live.

This is a huge drawback, as most of the websites will tax absolutely nothing for that. On top of that, in some cases where there are big lists of ads, your post will rarely get viewed by anyone, because it is at the end of the page.

 This boost will take up to 24 hours to proceed, which is far too long.

That’s not it. There are also premium posts, which will give your ad a priority in other cities as well. This will cost 15 dollars. As you can see, the prices are way too high for what this site has to offer for you.


In conclusion, BedPage is a website that just doesn’t deserve your time. There are few to none advantages, and a whole list of drawbacks. Some people even admit that this website is a scam that will only take your money and still leave your ad unposted. However, we hope that this was only a mistake that was repaired in the meantime. If you still want to get in someone's bed's , make sure you visit our hookup page where we have a wide selection of sex websites . There are far better options out there that definitely deserve your attention.